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Progress not saving :(

After the most recent updates my progress is not saving and I have to do it over and even then it is not saving...It gives me the owl guy congradulating me and even shows the completion of the level but then goes back to where I was before as if I havent completed anything :(. I am using IOS and it did it for both Spanish and French. It is very frustrating because its not letting me go onto the other levels. Is anyone else experiencing something like this? Also, I am not offline..used both wifi and 3G and its doing the same thing...so annoying!!!

3 years ago



I had this same problem at first! I kept completing the same levels over and over but it kept losing my progress. I even went through the trouble of making a whole new account, only to find that when I logged into my old account later, my progress was there! My suggestion would be to log out and log back in tomorrow and see if it shows your progress. If not, maybe make a new account like I did!

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Just discovered some of my students have this problem. I feel bad because they have received low grades for not completing DuoLingo work. They do not know computers well and did not notice that their progress was not being saved, and I only discovered this happened as I watched a student complete an assignment and it said they earned 10 points, but then on the next screen no points showed up and the lesson still showed as new.

Reply11 year ago