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"No me gustan estas situaciones."

Translation:I do not like these situations.

September 3, 2013



How is this "I" and not "they"? Why mix the "me" and "gustan" - why would it not be "no me gusto estas situationes"


The sentence is: these situations are not pleasing to me. The subject is situations, and it agrees with gustan (plural). Me is an indirect object pronoun, and shows that these situations are not pleasing 'to me.' This all gets translated as "I don't like these situations." Gustar means, literally, to be pleasing to, and gustar and its kin cause people problems. Worth a Google.


This is truly one of the most difficult Spanish concepts to master. You brought up an interesting point as well when you mentioned "gustar"'s kin. There are many Spanish verbs that function in this manner, and it becomes very hard.


What are some of the other Spanish verbs that function in this manner?


Thanks for the website majklo-blic. I found it very useful and have given you a lingot


Gustar means to delight, in my opinion. They delight me = Me gustan.


Holy cow. Thank you SO much.
This was completely doing my head in; your explanation of the "actual meaning" of gustar being "be pleasing to" finally made me understand that I in this case am the object.
A lingot well earned.


That is very clear, thank you. Eso es muy claro, gracias


and "they do not like these situations" would be "no les gustan estas situaciones".


as rspreng indicated, you need to study the verb "gustar" and how it is used. in this case, "gustan" is referring to the "situaciones" and not to "me"


No me gustan estas situaciones cuando tengo que repitir las lecciones de DL diez mil veces.


Is gustan used when the direct object is a plural?


Nope. Gustan is used when the subject is plural. There is no direct object. Gustar takes indirect objects.


A very nice explanation used.


Would Me no gustan also be proper?? or is there some reason that No me gustan is the proper phrasing?


Me no gustan is improper


I do not understand why they use "I " when gustan relates to "they"


See repreng's reply at the top. "I" is used because the "situations" which relates to "they", "gustan", are not pleasing to "me"; therefore the "I". I don't like these situations or these situations are not pleasing to me. Hope this helps.


I tried "I don't enjoy these situations" and it called it wrong. can you tell me why?


I wrote "these situations do not please me" and it was marked wrong. This sentence works in English and is basically the literal translation from the Spanish, so why should this not be acceptable along with "I do not like these situations"?


I wrote These situations do not please me. Am I wrong?

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