"Evde hangi doktor var?"

Translation:Which doctor is in the house?

March 27, 2015


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Why is "var" used in this sentence?

May 5, 2016


I too want to know

July 31, 2016


To my understanding take "Var" as "exists".

Bu adam çocuklar var = this man's children exist (so this man has children).

Evde hangi doktor var = which doctor exists at home (which doctor "is there" at home)

I hope this clears it up.

January 3, 2019


Why hangi not came in first ?

September 17, 2019


In case anyone else got this wrong the way I did, here is how you say "Which house is the doctor at?" "Hangi evde doktor?"

October 15, 2018


Is it okay to say "Hangi doktor evde var" or must "evde" go in the front?

March 27, 2015


in sentences the emphasis falls on the element that is just before the verb. therefore in question sentences we put the question words just before the verb so that they take on the emphasis.

March 28, 2015


Ah, okay! Is "hangi doktor evde var" entirely incorrect then?

March 28, 2015


it's actually not incorrect. turkish is flexible in terms of word order but be careful because as i said they tell you something about the emphasis. i think it can be considered as true, you may report it.

but 'hangi doktor evde var' really sounds bad to me. instead you may use 'hangi doktor evde?' '.... -de/da var.' sentences usually sounds like 'there is ..... in the...' so it sounds like they exist perminantly or they are objects. however when we use persons with var like in 'evde o var' it sounds more like he is now here or there. it's really complicated but it's a special case for the usage details of 'var'.

March 28, 2015


Okay! I'll definitely make sure to keep that in mind! Thank you for your responses. ^_^ One more quick question: if you were to say "I am in my rooms," for example, in what order would all of the suffixes be? Would it go plural, possessive, locative, being? Plural, locative, possessive, being?

Would it be "Odalarımdayım"? (Even though it is impossible to be in multiple rooms)

March 28, 2015


it would be odalarımda. plural suffix always come first.

March 28, 2015


No, your explanation was perfectly fine! I actually didn't know you could say ben varım instead of ben ___Im. Could you say "Ben aç varım" or does ben varım only work with locations?

By the way, I seriously appreciate the help! :)

March 28, 2015


thanks i actually deleted it not to cause any confusion. i'm glad it helped you. it only works for locations :)

March 28, 2015


Does "evde hangi doktor var?" mean "which doctor is at his or her own home?" or "which doctor is visiting somebody else's home?"?

May 27, 2015


Is the "v" supposed to sound like "u" or "w"?

I hear something like "muar (var)", specially in slow version.

December 21, 2015


It is pretty similar to the "w" sound in Dutch or the way that some Portuguese speakers pronounce "louvo." It is somewhere in between the English "v" and "w." :)


December 23, 2015


How would you use the Turkish phrase, "Evde hangi doktor var?"? Can you say that as a patient coming to the hospital, in the sense of "Which doctor is on call, which doctor will come and see me?" Or is it just a general semi-sense question to ask about any house and any choice of doctors?

July 20, 2018


"Evde hangi doktor var?" Translation: Which doctor is in the house?

Hangi? - which ?

Hanginiz? - Which of you?

October 5, 2018


I wrote "Which doctor is in the home?" and got wrong !! :-(

March 22, 2019



Good morning.

"Evde hangi doktor var?" Translation: Which doctor is in the house?

I wrote "Which doctor is in the home?" and got wrong !!

Your answer should have been accepted as correct?

March 22, 2019
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