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"O prazo termina na quarta-feira."

Translation:The term ends on Wednesday.

September 3, 2013



I also don't see why "The term ends on Wednesday" doesn't work. I would have used "deadline" except that a deadline doesn't end. It just falls on a certain day. Example: "The deadline is on Wednesday".


I just came here to ask the same. A deadline is a certain point. It doesn't end. It IS. Monday is the deadline. By Monday you have to hand in your stuff. The time for writing ends on Monday, so the preparation time ends. Not the deadline.


You're totally right.

If it's about projects:

  • Prazo is a time period with a deadline - a term
  • Data limite is literally a deadline, - a date by which everything should be done.

If it's about paying a bill:

  • "data de vencimento" is the due date.

But it's more common to use "prazo" than "data limite" in Portuguese, in expressions such as:

  • O prazo termina na quarta
  • O prazo termina em x dias (in x days)
  • Um prazo de x dias (A term of x days)
  • O prazo é/vai até quarta (goes up to Wedesday)


It is OK now


Agree with all of the foregoing - deadlines don't end, they simply come.


A deadline can't end. It should be The deadline is on Wednesday


I agree with RedBishop, the English translation would be "The deadline is on Wednesday." If deadlines ended, we'd all be very happy ^.^


I agree, duolingo lists "term" as one of the definitions for prazo. Why doesn't it accept it as a response?


why can't the term end on a Wednesday?


Same, reported. Suggest doing the same to everyone.


Thanks to all for this discussuion. My English is not strong, but I had not saw any contradiction in meaning " the deadline ends on Wednesday". The deadline as a period to have time to do something before the specific day / hour. In Russian, we use this word in this double meaning. I repeat, my knowledge of English verbal expressions is not wide, so ... Muito obrigada ! :-}


A deadline in English is not a period, it is a point in time--a finish line, so to speak.


In english, the deadline is like a guillotine; it FALLS on a certain day, or it simply IS on that day. It is only on that day; not before or after--so to say that it ENDS on the day is a bit nonsensical, in english.


I put semester. Does that not make sense?


Semester is a timeframe and not a due date. Semester souls be "semestre" (:


I tried "The deadline expires on Wednesday", which is natural English. I accept that "expires" may not be a valid translation of "termina" but I'm interested to know if it actually is synonymous in Portuguese. What Portuguese word would be used to translate "expires" I wonder?


*O prazo expira/acaba/termina na quarta"... Expirar is the literal translation, used in business a lot...


Does anyone know if "The deadline is Wednesday" or "Wednesday is the deadline" would be accepted? That would be a more natural way to say this in English, but I don't know if Duolingo accepts the less literal but correct translation.


Thanks for changing ”the deadline ends” to ”the term ends” in the official answer


Shouldnt 'the deadline ends on the wednesday' be acceptable. I thought Na is em + a meaning on the, in the or at the. Confuses me.


No, it wouldn't be proper English. :( Unless you were explaining about a specific day out of a month like "The Wednesday before Thanksgiving".


Ignoring their mistaken insistence on "the deadline ends"…I agree with you that there are circumstances where this would happen. For example, your coworker says, "i know the deadline is next week, but I don't remember if it's on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week." You'd then (in english) answer that it's on THE Wednesday…and i believe the portuguese phrase would still be "O prazo termina na quarta-feira."

Thus, it should be an accepted alternative, even if that form is not broadly applicable.


The deadline ends on Wednesday - It must be correct, it was not: O prazo termina è na quarta-feira


I wrote "The deadline ends...", which has been accepted in other lessons. Reported.


The other lessons must also be corrected. Deadlines do not end.


"the deadline ends on wednesday" was my answer - incorrectly marked wrong!


'Deadline', in spite of figuting prominently in hints is disallowed


I don't know where you get deadlines don't end, because they certainly do. 'The deadline ends Wednesday' should be a perfectly good translation.


DL taught us that prazo is deadline. Now it is not accepted. Please correct


Duo was wrong before. “Prazo” is a time period, “deadline” is the end of that time period.


I wrote : The deadline ends on Wednesday, but the program says: The deadline IS on Wednesday!!!!! My answer is right!

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