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Not being able to see sentence discussions

In some of my learning sessions, clicking the "Discuss sentence" button brings up nothing. an example

If I try reaching the discussion page by searching for the sentence, sometimes it works and I can see the page, but more often than not it doesn't work and I get this if I click on the link (notice the address and the page title have changed):

or an empty page if I try opening the link in a new tab:

An additional thing I started noticing lately (although only on my old laptop with windows XP) is the "missing plugin" grey square with puzzle icon showing in the upper left corner for 2-3 seconds before a topic loads.

March 27, 2015



This is a recurring problem for me and it drives me absolutely nuts.

Sometimes, when it refuses to open it will never work again for the entire lesson. I can go through 20 questions trying to open the discussion section with it never working.

At least half of the times I want the discussion section, it won't load. I've decided that I'll report it every time it doesn't load so that they can see exactly how many times it breaks.


It seems like it doesn't just sometimes break, but that certain topics are permanently broken, as I can't access them on any computer, in any session.

Inspect element shows that some elements are completely missing in the buggy pages, compared to the working ones.


I have the same problem with the Discuss Sentence button. It became like this like a week ago or so.


Is it possible that there's just no discussion about some sentences yet?


Not really. You can't even start a discussion when this happens.


Besides what wazzie said, the number in brackets next to "Discuss sentence" is meant to show how many discussion comments there are on the sentence.

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