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My Holiday in Portugal!

Just got back 2hrs ago...it was brilliant....so many new questions...but first to celebrate with my final bottles of Vinho Verde!

I bought this amazing book...from an amazing bookshop in Porto...1 of the reasons I bought it was because DUOLINGO had taught me enough to work out what the title said:


The book is amazing for helping me learn!

September 3, 2013



Excellent...really happy for you!! =)


Welcome back, I'm sure your appetite for learning Portuguese has grown by as much as your appetite for pasteis de nata has been satiated.


Had my last one as we waited for the plane to take off! Between those, the wine and Francescinas....I put on about 2 tonnes!


Now, I don't know whether you did it deliberately or not, but the book you bought is actually a translation of a British book. That's really good news because now you can buy the same book in English as an aid to understanding any difficult passages or simply verifying what you understood in the Portuguese version. Here's a link to the UK Amazon store: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Questions-Little-People-Answered-Some/dp/0571288510/

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