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favorite language

What's everyones favorite language and why?

March 27, 2015



Hebrew! I like it because of its unique alphabet and unique words. I also want to learn it for fun, school and to let me potentially live and/or visit Israel.


French - I began French as an act of rebellion, because here in the American South it was taboo for many years, and found out I liked it immensely. It's in my blood. I feel like Nicolas Cage's character in "Wild at Heart" talking about his leather jacket, (channeling Elvis) "Did I ever tell you this lang is a symbol of personal freedom and my own individuality?"


Personally, I really like French.

I find French very romantic and beautiful. The best part for me is exploring French culture.


irish. to me its beautiful, it reminds me of fantasy novels and movies, and i follow the religion of wicca which has celtic roots so it also sounds very spiritual to me.


all Scandinavian languages: Swedish, Norway, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic. they are so cool and sound really beautiful. I love the sounds.


Spanish. Because It sounds beautiful and I love spanish mentality)

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