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  5. "How many?"

"How many?"

Translation:Kaç tane?

March 28, 2015



When do you use "Kaç tane" and when do you use "ne kadar"?


Kaç tane is how many. Like How many cats for example. Ne kadar is how much, for example How much money, or how much water, it is used for uncountable nouns. But I'm not sure about this at all.


You are right, "kaç tane" is used only for countable things. But "ne kadar" is useable for both.

Ne kadar su? = How much water? Ne kadar para? = How many money? Ne kadar adam? = How many man?

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reminds me of the shortest possible dialogue at the market :)

  • (pointing at carrots or something) Bu ne kadar?
  • 3 milyon. Ne kadar?
  • 5 tane


Why can't this just be kaç? Doesn't that by itself mean how many?


It didn't teach me kaç tane or even kaç before this and it only came up while I was strengthening skills. I know because I've been taking notes.

Not sure if this is a problem that can be solved or is just a problem with Duolingo in general.


this is not something that course contributors can change . You might try posting it in the troubleshooting forum https://www.duolingo.com/topic/647


If kaç tane means how many and ne kadar means how much what do each the words mean by themselves?


it doesn't make much sense to translate words in phrases directly. "tane" doesn't even really have a translation in English, but it is close to "pieces". so it is like "how many pieces " an "what amount"


Kaç tane is how many, tane meaning "pieces", right? What does it mean "kadar"? In Greek kadari was used a unit of weight in the old times, sometimes in old popular songs. I was wondering if there is a connection.


Ne kadar = kaç tane değil mi


why is" nasil birçok "not correct?

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