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  5. "O bir şapka takar."

"O bir şapka takar."

Translation:He wears a hat.

March 28, 2015



Is there a difference between "takmak" and "giymek"?


Yes. Giymek is for clothing. Takmak is for accessories like hats, scarves, earrings, etc.


Isn't it "giyer" and "takar"???


Giymek and takmak are the infinitives :)


And me i find that


şapka is like Russian шапка - I wonder if one borrowed from the other or they both borrowed from another language. Though I think it means cap(?) in Russian, and hat is шляпа...? if I remember right!


şapka is a loanword from Arabic, probably Russian borrowed it from Arabic too, maybe via some Turkic language, maybe directly


Actually, according to TDK and wiktionary, it is from Russian (which would make a lot more sense, seeing as it is ultimately derived from French).


Do you know where all the french loanwords came from? I've noticed a handfull, like the french word garçon (boy) is the Turkish for waiter.


In Turkish? Turkish, like many place in the world, borrowed a lot from French in the 19th century and things really picked up around the creation of the Republic. :)


Interesting. Thanks.


According to Wiktionary, Turkish "şapka" is in fact derived from Russian "шапка" (could have happened via Arabic, but the Wiktionary entry doesn't mention Arabic at all). The only other relevant source I could find is this Wikipedia talk where a user claims that it already was an Old-Slavic word (and an Indo-European word before that). However, I'm not sure how accurate these claims are.


Now I really want to know the route it took, I'll have to do some research... :D


Let us know if you find out more :)

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I see now that Nişanyan says it's from Arabic, but the Russian origin theory from other sources looks much more convincing


I personally would trust TDK before Nişanyan any day.


why there is takar instead of taker like ye into yer and how to changes the action into verb according to subject


I think it is takar instead of taker because of 'vowel harmony'


In Arabic language we have the word Şapka but it means the jewelry which are gifted by the groom to his bride


It's sapka in Hungarian too. We borrowed it from the Turkish :) We took all the cute words from them... :P


Unexpextedly cute answer :-)


Seems like the french word 'chapel' made its way to russia via poland where they tagged a dimunitive on it, thus, shapka. Turkish borrowed this word for hat, and funny enough, french borrowed it back later on for the russian word 'ushanka'. Says that it entered russian usage in the 14th century and the russified word made it back into french in the late 16th century. Tried looking for turkish word for hat that predates sapka and found 'külah' which i guess is persian origin and now means cone in modern turkish...

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Vasmer's etymological dictionary explains Turkish şapka as "European style hat", contact with the West was apparently why they needed a new word

source: http://tinyurl.com/o4sl9pm


why there is takar instead of taker like ye into yer and how to changes the action into verb according to subject


It has to follow vowel harmony. The suffix in question is -Ar. The capital A means a after a back vowel (aıou) and e after a front vowel (eiöü).


Yes Külah is persian Every kind of hats In persian shapou said for a europian hats


takar means put also right?

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Why can't it be 'she' wears a hat


It can be he, she, or it wears a hat! All should be accepted.

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