Verb "Ser"

What do I need to know. I have been doing the verb "Ser" for days. I am not making lots of mistakes, but the program keeps taking me to "ser". I would like to move on.

September 3, 2013


Welcome to Duolingo. It looks like you've just started out. Some people get confused with how to go to the next lesson. I'm wondering if that's what happened for you.

From looking at your tree, you've completed ("mastered") Basics 1. And, you have Basics 2 and Phrases available. Lessons involving the verb "ser" are included in Basics 1 as well as later lessons, but I'm wondering if you just need to click on Basics 2 or Phrases, and then, you will get new lessons.

Let us know if that works, or give us more details of what's happening.

LOL - It looks like a Duolingo Expert (employee) responded just before I did.

Your response is better;)

Hi yancolivia - it looks like you need to complete Common Phrases and Basics 2 to move on to later skills. I'm not sure what you mean by "the program keeps taking me to 'ser'" - could you elaborate? Thanks!

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