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Where do I find my students?

Where do our students show up once they have clicked on and accepted the link?

March 28, 2015



You'd probably do better to go to the Educators' forum and ask. I don't think most of us on the general forums have any idea how the schools component works.


Thanks. The confusing thing is that somehow I have an Educator account that I guess is connected to my own learning account! I was able to get it going.


I have an educator account for schools and my computer crashed and it had to be reimaged. I tried to log into my account after they fixed it, and now it only takes me to a new created educator duolingo for schools account. HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP! I was tracking all my student's progress and was collecting all the data and now I don't have those classes anymore. I can't find it. It logged me as a new educator when I tried to log in.


You're unlikely to get much help by commenting on a year-old post. I suggest going to the Educators' Forum for this type of question. Most of us who hang out in the general forums know very little about Duolingo for Schools and, as I understand it, there is a Duolingo staff person assigned to keep an eye on the Educator's Forum.

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