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Turkish Bonus Lessons?

Are there any plans for bonus lessons? If so, a Flirting lesson would be fun! ;-)

March 28, 2015



there are two, one for everyday phrases which are hard to translate (or not so common to say in English) and another one for family; as it is really complicated in Turkish. We don't know when they will be available. We were told that there are some technical issues at the moment


Bonus lessons are only released when the course comes out of Beta (AFAIK)


This is weird! About a week or so ago (late June 2017), both bonus lessons suddenly became available on the Turkish "tree" at the website (tho not on the i-Phone). I paid my lingots for them at once, meaning to tackle them before the inevitable wrestle with Turkish negation. A day or two later both simply vanished--as if they never were! So, Turkish padishahs of Duolingo, what is going on? One hopes that these bonus lessons can return soon,in┼čallah !


At least you got them. I knew nothing of them

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