"Vi stannar här."

Translation:We are staying here.

March 28, 2015

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is "staying" meant like to stay over as in a hotel, or litteraly as in standing somewhere?


Do you usually put här in front or at the end of a sentence? Which one stresses the "place" instead of the "action"?


You could say either "vi stannar här" or "här stannar vi". They mean basically the same, but the latter stresses the place slightly more.

As a beside, "här vi stannar" is also technically possible, but mostly archaic and should only be used if you know exactly how and when to use it. I would associate it with poetry more than anything else.


I think, the verb will always have to be in second place. tack så mycket


Thank you very much!

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    Do both sluta and stanna means Stop? How do you know if the intended meaning is to stop or stay here? Du stanna här? Du sluta här?

    • sluta means to stop as in to finish.
    • stanna means to stop as in to halt a movement - and possibly remain halted, as in "stop and stay here".

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      Once again I write the wrong words or spelling and Duolingo says correct. Will never learn this way


      Out of curiosity, what did you enter?


      No, hit is a direction but här is a place.

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