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Why did I lose my 120+ day streak?

Why did I lose my 120+ day streak? I kept on earning Xp-s and the chart even proves that...

March 28, 2015



But did you earn enough to reach your target? You have to reach your coach target in order to keep your streak. You can set your target to 1XP to be on the safe side.


Yes, I did. Maybe a different target was set on mobile version... Seemingly they disagree with each other...


I think the target on the web site over rules the target on the app. If the web site target is 20 and your app target is 10, then you have to earn 20 to keep your streak. That is why I always set my target to 1 on the website.

Hopefully Duo will standardise this some day.


I am quiet sad to lose my streak as a result of this technical incoherence... but life goes on.. isn't it? :)


edit: In android the minimum target is 10., and the standard is set to 20.

I had to reset it to 1 in the windows version.


I just lost my 34 day streak because I didn't know I had to reach my goal every day. Oh well.

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