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"She is running from home to the garden."

Translation:Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

March 28, 2015



"She is running from home to the garden." Translation: Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." Correct English translation: She is running from home as far as the garden.

If Duo includes "kadar" in the Turkish question then an accurate English translation must also be given by Duo. Answered on the (18/11/2018)

I am becoming increasingly disenchanted by Duo's lack of correct English translations.

And acceptance of perceived wrong English answers which English natives post as correct.


thanks for helping with the translation It was difficult for me

But hey : FIGHTING


Çok teşekkürler, MrHilmiNevzat. I will take the English translations cum grano salis. I too have seen some odd-sounding translations. It's not good for proper Turkish learning, though there is of course also much of value.


Why is "kadar" necessary if -ye implies the "to"? Is it optional?


'Kadar' is not necessary in this sentence. It's also correct if you typed ' O evden bahçeye koşuyor'. Like you said 'bahçeye' already means ' to the garden'


Duolingo thinks otherwise and marked me wrong



I am curious about that as well.


Though I'm still not entirely sure why it's used in the first place, in a sentence where you had to translate to Turkish I tried leaving it out and it was accepted, so I'm assuming it's optional, and that perhaps it's used for emphasis?


I think it means "until" or "as far as". Emphasis may be on the distance, not the target location. So this sentence would be an answer to the question "How far is she running?" But it is definitely not necessary.


Great! Teşekkürler! :D


I'm guessing that kadar means "up to/until" the garden in this sense. Like the French "jusqu'a". Is that right?


Well, yes. "kadar" means ""jusqu'a" if you translate Turkish to French.


it asked me to translate this before we learned what "kadar" meant


Just confirming

O evden bahçeye koşuyor--marked wrong in 10/12/2018



"She is running from home to the garden." Translation: Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

Good morning Nana The English question does say "she" is running. I am looking at the Turkish answer & I cannot see a gender reference?

"O evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." (Your answer) & I inserted "kadar" to your answer. Please check: Your answer was not marked wrong for using the (pronoun) "O." Was your answer marked wrong for not using "kadar?"

You have reported it & this should be explained to you by a MOD.

Kind regards.

Answered on the (11/12/2018) awaiting reply to Nana's query by a MOD.


Why is kadar necessary in this sentence?




"She is running from home to the garden." Translation: Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

Why is kadar necessary in this sentence?

Kadar - (adverb) - (preposition) meaning "until" "to" "as far as."

I do not think it is necessary even though it is in the Turkish answer. It is not clear from the original English question & I would change the English question accordingly.

"She is running from home as far as the garden." I gave this answer when the question was asked in Turkish. Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

The other topic comments are comparable in saying it is not necessary to use "kadar" in the Turkish answer.

Thank you.


İ think the sentence is wrong it should read, she is running from the house to the garden. Or specify who's house she is running from. İt sounds like she is an orphan trying to escape an orphanage.


No, it's a mistranslation. The presence of the Turkish word "kadar" renders the English translation inaccurate. It would be "She runs from home as far as the garden."


There is an error in the translation : evden : from house Bahçeye : to the garden Koşuyor : she is running But kadar??!! It's not translated correctly.


What does kadar mean in this sentence?
What is the function of it?


Nothing, it's redundant.


hello how are you i am under the water plz help me


"She is running from home to the garden." Translation: Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor.

Duo is correct in that the Turkish answer is accepted without "kadar."

"Evden bahçeye koşuyor." Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

"Practise lesson to restore", completed on the 15/10/2020.


What does kadar mean? Why am I using it in this sentence please?


"Evden bahçeye o koşuyor" should also be correct but has been marked as wrong

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