"The car has a little damage on the door."

Translation:Bilen har en liten skada på dörren.

March 28, 2015

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why couldn't "lite" be used here? "A little damage" is referring to the amount of damage(a little bit of damage). You wouldn't say "the car has a big damage on the door" in English.


But in Swedish, skada is countable.


Right, so if translating from English to Swedish "några skador" should be accepted, since it is plural.


except that it's not the same meaning

några skador = some damage

en liten skada = a little damage


Can you omit the "en" here? Also, is it there because of the noun "skada" or because of the phrase "a little"?


See the previous comments. skada is a countable noun, and the adjective for countable nouns is liten, so we say en liten skada or stora skador. Lite is for uncountable nouns, like water: lite vatten.


I too would like to know


Is the intent, here, to communicate that the car has "one small point of damage", or that the car has "a limited extent of damage"? The English sentence provided is vague: it could mean either of these, but the latter would be the usual interpretation.


Can you not say? Bilen har lite skada på dörren

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