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  5. "One, two, three"

"One, two, three"

Translation:Ett, två, tre

March 28, 2015



Can it be "en ,två ,tre" ?


Yes, but I’d say ett is more common for just counting if you’re not referring to anything in particular. If you’re counting e.g. people or things that are en-words, you’d have to say en, and ett for ett-words.

Also, when counting to music, it’s more common with en: en två tre fyr’.


so it's ett by default unless referring to en-words , am i right ? and thanks for the help


My point was that it could be either en or ett by default if you’re not referring to something in particular. But I have a feeling ett is a bit more common.


Do you count out music in Swedish? Seems like so many extra syllables

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