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Spanish "tap the pairs" error?

In two tap the pairs exercises, I was left with only "great" and "madre". This did not look like a pair to me, but I could not find a way to go on, so I tapped them anyway and was told I was correct. Why?

March 28, 2015



They seem to provide alternate meanings for words in this exercise that have not yet been taught.

I loathe this new exercise. Silly busy work. Of course you get it all right, in time, but it does little to grow learning.


I have had the same issue in French. On my most recent matching exercise, the last remaining pair was "sugar" and "mercredi"


I see those kind of odd pairings too. Sometimes I can see a very weak relationship but other times it is a total mystery. I have to agree with others that it can be actually counterproductive to those at earlier levels.


Was this on the phone, or on your PC?

It misbehaves sometimes because of previously downloaded material "for offline practicing" when you are out of coverage e.g. "if you are in the subway or something". :)


Also: direcciones/headship, pronunciar/sounds, was/trataba, boxes/áreas, The/(i forgot, cuantos or something, but not el/la!) Definitely not helpful to someone just learning, and more of a find the mismatched pair exercise if you've been at it for awhile!


I see this a lot. It seems less common translations / conjugations that you haven't learned show up, kind of like they did in flashcards. Hope they fix it.


This exercise does little to promote learning


I am also seeing mismatched pairs. My most recent bad pair is Estate Car and familiares. No connection that I can find.

Unlike others in this thread, I do find this exercise useful. I try to speed thru it and have found that I start thinking in the meaning instead of having to explicitly translate in my head.


I have run into this issue a lot of times with the hindi course, the only way around it is to take a test and skip a level, but then I started running into it in the tests!! And because it's a matching exercise, theres no way to report it. Its really infuriating. I dont know what to do about it. I keep reporting it under report a bug every time I run into it, but that feels pointless... I dont know what to do.

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