"How can more wars give us security?"

Translation:Hur kan fler krig ge oss säkerhet?

March 28, 2015



An accepted translation of "How can more wars give us security" is "Hur kan fler krig ge oss säkerhet?" I'm reading "fler" as singular: "more war." The sentiment is the same, but isn't that a different sentence?

March 28, 2015


"Fler" is used for countable nouns, e.g. "more carrots", while "mer" is used for uncountables, e.g. "more milk". So mer krig would mean "more war" and fler krig would mean "more wars".

March 28, 2015


"More war" would be said "mer krig", considering war uncountable.
"Fler krig" means "more wars", remember that krig is an ett-ord, so in this sentence it is indeed plural, and after fler comes plural.
If it was an en-ord you would say for instance "fler köttbullar"

April 12, 2015
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