"Você é filho único?"

Translation:Are you an only child?

September 3, 2013

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why no article in the Portuguese?


I'm italian, sorry for my english... I'm not sure if there is a sintax or grammar rule in portuguese that says that using the article is wrong. But learning Portuguese I have noticed in general the article is not totally wrong but it is not how a native speaks. For example I know that occures even when we are talking about jobs... "I am a doctor" = "Eu sou médico" Diffetent languages have different ways to say something and we just have to learn how it is. in italian we can say it both with the article and without the article. It depends of the situation and sometimes of how strong we want to enphatize the topic to our listener


"You are an only child?" doesn't work?


back to the question from 5 years ago... why is it marked wrong to add um before filho?


Why not it look fine to me


IT'S a question..... :)


Make it sound like a question! No intonation. Also único sounds like únigo.

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