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Test out exams not appearing

I just did not pass the test to test out of a skill because my answer, which was correct, was marked wrong. I want to re-take it, but it is no longer there. How do I get to take the test again?

March 28, 2015



You can make the test a limited times. After the maximum times you may try the test, the test box disappears and you have to do all the lessons/skills without a test out.

You can try the next test out.


PS: if you stop the 'test ou't before the test is done, it will not counted as a test. On this manner you can try unlimmedtimes, but it is cheating.


Is there a way to get the access restored? It was the "test out of 21 skills" test, and I don't want to go through that all again. The mistake was not mine but the program (at least, in the Italian one).


The test out of ... skills counts the skills that are not completed above the test point. When there are 31 skills above the test, with ten skills completed, then it says: test out of 21 skills.

When you have done all the skills above the test point, without a test out, the checkpoint will dispay 'chekcpoint passed' or something like that.

When you have done asuccesfull test out, you get a lot of points, but no lingots and i think the displayed testpoint disappear.

When you do the test the limited times unsuccesfull, i think the test point disappear also.

The only thing you can do is: - do the next test out, if there is one - delete the language and start over again, and you can use the test outs again - or do all the skills one by one.


That is what I did. The moment I saw it had marked two answers incorrect that should be right, I hit refresh to begin anew, and it disappeared.


I did the test in the Turkish course and it works fine.

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