"Begge mine sko er lyserøde."

Translation:Both of my shoes are pink.

March 28, 2015

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    I know it means pink, but why can't I do light red? Does Danish not distinguish between light red and pink?


    Nope! The Danish language doesn't have a word for the color pink. If we need to describe it, then we say light red. (Note that the English word pink is sometimes borrowed and used instead)

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      I am wondering how come I wrote a translation as "Both of my shoes are light red" and it is not acceptable.

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        Lyserød is pretty much treated as a separate colour from red. Kids don't think of lyserød as a variant of rød the same way they think of lyseblå as a variant of blå. Rather, we are taught lyserød as a separate colour, which might be why "light red" isn't an acceptable translation.


        I think 'light red' should be accepted. The word 'pink' exists and is used in Danish, but with the much more restricted meaning of a true hot pink. DDO gives: "en kraftig og klar violetrød" - a strong and bright violet-red - "især om farve på tøj" - especially as a colour of clothing.


        So as I understand... både=both and begge=both of


        hope this helps

        Begge is only used when describing two of the same noun, for example "begge ord", whereas både is used for two different nouns, that is to say, både....og.... There can be more than two nouns described, though.

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        On another question, someone kindly explained that 'både' is used for 'both... and...' - otherwise, use 'begge'


        'Both my shoes' means the same as 'both of my shoes'!


        And both (no pun intended!) are accepted as correct here.

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