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"Are there any rooms available?"

Translation:Há quartos vagos?

September 4, 2013


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The answer "tem algum quartos disponivel?" was considered incorrect. The original sentence says "any rooms." What is the guideline when algum is used in Portuguese?


Perhaps because there are some agreement problems with that sentence; it should be «Tem/Há alguns quartos disponíveis?». Otherwise, you are correct; «algum»/«alguma» and their plural counterparts can be used whenever "any" is used in English.


Is "Sao quartos vagos?" acceptable in conversation?


Maybe if you are talking directly to the person and asking him/her if the rooms are available, being also suitable if you are talking on the phone... as you can see, this sentence becomes more restrict to specific situations.


Tough to tell if theyre talking about quartos or salas


I would say quartos. This sounds like someone going into a hotel and asking for a bedroom.

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