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"You need to both work and have fun."

Translation:Hem çalışman hem de eğlenmen lazım.

March 28, 2015



I really don't understand gerunds. Is what is happening here just that the "k" of the infinitive ending has been knowcked off calışmak and eğlenmek and the 2nd sing. possessive ending added on, or is somether else altogether happening?


That is basically it! Notes are coming soon!


I am a Turk. And I am here to control .. And there is a wrong in this question. It can be " Hem çalışman lazım hem de eğlenmen." ..


The sentence you suggest is what we call "devrik cümle" in Turkish, as the verb is not at the end. It is a correct translation, just as much as the usual regular SOV version. However to keep things under control through out this course we refrain from such constructions. We expect our students to make their translations always in the regular SOV order.


Emel, if it's a correct translation the app should not tell me it is false. If you wish you could make a pop up that says "A more elegant translation is..." But you certainly won't do any harm by saying "Correct!" to a pupil who is in fact correct ;)


does "hem calışmalısın hem de eğlenmelisin" communicate the same thing?


I agree. I reported that.


the hem...hem de part is quite confusing for me


"Hem x hem de y" is equivalent to "Both x and y". "Hem... hem... hem..." link all of the items in the list; "de" on the last item means "also". "Hem x hem y hem de z" would roughly translate to "Both x, and y, and also z"


What is the function of de?


it means "also", "too" by itself. "hem ... hem de..." means "both ... and ...". Particularly in colloquial language one could actually drop "de", "hem... hem" means basically the same thing. However I must say with "de" it sounds better and more proper to my native ear.


It is just part of the set conjunction "hem...hem de." It doesn't really directly translate to anything in English :)


I put a "ve" Between the two part Why it was not accepted? Please


Both...and.... = Hem...hem (de)....

It's just the way it is. So you cannot use and in this phrase.


As far as I understand this 'both ... and ...' is translated to 'hem ... hem de ...'.
So the 'and'-part is semantically (concerning the meaning) already included and should not be translated extra.


why doesn't "ikisi de çalışman ve eğlenmen lazım" work here ?


Splitting the infinitive is not good English. So "You need both to work..." would be better.


I substituted 'lazım' with 'gerekiyor'. Is that ok?


Does ikisi de be used in this case ?

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