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  5. "Kadın şapkaları pahalı."

"Kadın şapkaları pahalı."

Translation:The women's hats are expensive.

March 28, 2015



I didn't understand how this could mean "women's hats" when it's just "kadın". It's not even "kadının". Could someone help me?


Yes, basically these are hats specially designed for women (vs. men's hats). This is a noun compound, not a possessor-possessee relationship.


But can you then also translate this sentence as ' hats for women are expensive' ?


Ah, now I understand. Teşekkürler!


So a possessor-possessee relationship would be kadinin sapkalari?


Yep, and that would be referring to some woman owning some specific hat :)


I understood everything but it still seems wrong to me.why? I think it must be kadınlar şapkaları NOT kadın şapkaları!!!!!


Adjectives never take the plural suffix. That may be the thing you are overlooking here :)


what is the adjektive here?


The translation is misleading, as someone above mentioned 'hats for women ate expensive,' seems more like what duo wamts to convey and will dispel all the confusion tnis sentence has caused.


If this is about women's hats in general, why isn't it 'pahalıDIR'?


-DIr isn't for general statements, it is for encyclopedia facts and strong assumptions. You can read more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8649151


Thanks for the link. I think I understand now.


why not ''the woman's hats are expensive'' the woman has several hats which are expensive??


'The woman's hats are expensive' would be:
Kadının şapkaları pahalı.
The genitive case on 'kadın' would be necessary.


Kadın is woman, right? Kadınlar is women. So i wrote the woman's hats and Duo did not accept it although he should have.


woman's hats = kadının şapkaları (genitive case on kadın)
'Kadın şapkaları' is like a set phrase which means 'the hats of women' opposed to e.g. 'the hats of men'.


I can only explain in German, "Frauenhüte sind teuer" like futbol maçı = soccer match, bu çocuğun kitabı=this child's book but Çocuk kitabı=children book, Bu okulun otobüsü=This school's bus but okul otobüsü=schoolbus


if it means women's hats are expensive per se, then the definite article is wrong because we are not talking about specific (defined) hats


I think it should be: "Women's hats...." . No place for "The".


I see your point, and I think it would probably be better translated without "The." I can think of three situations/meanings relating to these words:
(1) Women's hats are expensive (in general). This fits the Turkish as given.
(2) The women's hats are expensive. For example, we're in a store, and are saying that the women's hats, in the women's-hats section of this store, are expensive. This too should fit the Turkish as given.
(3) The women's hats are expensive. Same words as in (2), but with a different meaning: Now we're talking about the hats of some specific women. (We might instead say "Those women's hats....") For this meaning, I think the Turkish would have to give up the noun compound and use a possessive construction: "(O) Kadınların şapkaları pahalı."
Did I overanalyze? : )


Well I have read all the comments and I still think kadın is NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR learners. This is just going to confuse everyone!!!

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