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  5. "Ich bin Professor."

"Ich bin Professor."

Translation:I am a professor.

December 18, 2012



German "Professor" is someone who teaches at university, must have a doctor's degree and meet other qualifications.


That's what a professor is in English too!


Not quite. I would say that a professor is a teacher at a higher college university, which would includes things like 2 year community colleges where a PhD is often desired, but not required. It does however suggest a level of learning beyond the "teacher" designation that has been earned through additional studying and/or experience beyond a bachelor degree.


if i say "ich bin ein Professor" is still correct? i can t understand why sometimes german is missing the article..


English sometimes omits the article too in sentences like this, most notably "I am king". However in this case I'm wondering if it's not like some other languages (Spanish etc) where you omit the article when describing your profession because it's considered an intrinsic part of yourself. So like "I am strong", "I am tall", "I am English", you'd say "I am professor". Unless of course you are saying that you just one of a larger group, "I am a professor at the university".


For me is not clear why the English translation for the sentence is with the article, while the German version is lacking it... As I learned it in school, when you have the article in German, then you should translate the sentence with the article.


when was it different? Lehrer is teacher, I don't remember being given Professor as teacher


Lehrer is teacher, professor is professor.


Ich bin Professor - Wieso " a professor" ?


"So I've heard you have completed your Doctors degree!" "No, I am professor"

Wouldn't this be accurate? Thus an example of how you can drop the article in english as well?


No, the response would be "No, I am a professor." You still need the article.


What is going on with the pronunciation of Professor? It sounds like some letters have been added to the word. It is almost like the word should be spelled Profeseror.


Achundachtzig Professoren - Vaterland, du bist verloren! (a quote by Otto von Bismarck)


Why is it not ich bin ein professor?

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