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  5. "Ja, det er hende."

"Ja, det er hende."

Translation:Yes, it is her.

March 28, 2015



Is this the colloquial form? As in American English, it sounds ridiculous to say "It is she/he/they/I/we" even though that is technically correct, so we say "It is her/him/them/me/us" Would anybody here say "Ja, det er hun?" If so, who would say it and would it sound weird to a Danish speaker? Also any regional variations in terms of whether people would say det er hende vs det er hun?


When saying "Yes, it is her." in Danish will always be "Ja, det er hende", no regional differences or anything. It's more of a "pointing out" phrase, like pointing out the specific person, the "her".

Speaker 1: "Er det hende derovre?" ("Is it her over there?") Speaker 2: "Ja, det er hende." ("Yes, it is her")

If you say "Ja, det er hun", you are implying that she "is something" like possessing a specific quality. For example:

Speaker 1: "Hun er glad" ("she is happy") Speaker 2: "Ja, det er hun" ("Yes, she is" but literally "yes, that is she". An alternative translation in Danish would be "Ja, hun er" which is literally "Yes, she is")

I hope I didn't unnecessarily confuse you even more! :) my phone does not want to do the line separation properly, sorry


I can't speak for calprofmom, but that makes sense to me. The example ‘Ja, det er hun.’ seems to match English ‘Yes, that she is.’ too.


Hahaha, i got "is it you?" And then this one straight after


Using 'that' instead of 'it' is counted as wrong. Why?


I'm having an error here, i'm typing in danish but when i submit the answer its saying i've typed in english and not danish and won't let me finish :(


Got the same problem so I clicked on Can't Hear Now and then I clicked on the flag to report it


Listened to the slow version several times, clearly says heM, not hende, but marked wrong


I just listened to both slow versions and I can't hear it. To me they both say "hende".

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