"Det är nionde gången jag är här."

Translation:It is the ninth time I am here.

March 28, 2015

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this is an awkward sentence in English, right? would a better translation be "It/This is the ninth time I've been here"?


Better yet: "I am here for the ninth time" - but the point of the lesson is to teach the structure of the Swedish sentence, and the awkwardness is an unfortunate byproduct.


I think this is wrong. "It is the ninth time I am here" is not grammatical in the only possible sense, that is: native speakers would never use it. Second, the structure of the Swedish sentence is there to be seen in the Swedish sentence, it doesn't help to force the translation into a word for word pairing with the Swedish especially if the translation is ungrammatical.


This is exactly the point i keep making in regards to this akward way of presenting this course with word by word translations that make no sense in English ☹️


This is grammatical: It is the ninth time that I am here.


It sounds like a second- or third-language English speaker's sentence to me. As a native speaker, I would never say this. "This is the ninth time that I have been here" is the more natural way.


"It is my 9th time here" is the best translation for this, even though it looks v different from the Swedish.

But it was like the previous one that was literally "are you born in..." when it should rightly be "were you born in..." and it was accepted, as you would never say "are you born in [a year]?"


Is "... att jag är här" a valid Swedish sentence?


No, "that" would be som in this case.


Hope that this os not an interview situation


So I am guessing theres two words for time in Swedish, "tid" and "gång"?


Yes, it's tid as in the concept of time, and gång as in time meaning occurrence.


Really!?? Marking wrong the contraction It's?


Why is the V2 rule not applied here?


It is - twice, actually.

  • Det är nionde gången - the verb is är
  • Jag är här - the verb is är


What's wrong with "This is my nineth time here"?


"Det är nionde gången när jag är här" stämmer det eller betyder något annat?


No, it reads a bit like "It's the ninth time when I am here", so it doesn't really make sense.


Tack för ditt snabbt svar!"Jag är här för den nionde gången"? Stämmer kanske det ?^^


It's grammatical but very unidiomatic. We usually skip the article for ordinals such as nionde. You can say Jag är här för nionde gången - that's fine Swedish, but probably not accepted since it reverses the sentence structure.


Can it be Det är den nionde gången jag är här?


Please see my reply to Cristina above.


This is the worst grammar I've ever seen! 20220314

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