"Den lilla boken är min."

Translation:The small book is mine.

March 28, 2015

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I thought 'lilla' was purple hahaha, what a fail !


Watch how many l's. Lila vs lille


What would have happened if it had been a situation in which the words are not written but spoken?. Is there a way in which "lila", the colour, and "lilla", the size adjective, can be distinguished? The pronunciation sounds similar as well.


They sound very different to a native speaker. The i is long in lila and short in lilla, and the second l sound is short in lila and longer in lilla.


But, how good is the computer generated speech for this sentence (clicking on play at the tope of this discussion)? Could we really tell it was saying "lilla" and not "lila" in the dictation exercise? The "l" does not sound long to me.

When spoken in isolation, "lilla" would have accent 2 (grave accent), but we don't always have that clue in a fluid delivery. In hindsight, I could have clicked on the "slow" pronunciation before submitting my answer, but I don't always do that, when it seems I heard the fast version clearly.


Thanks, Arnauti, for your confirmation. I went back and listened to this sentence a few more times. Although it is not as clear as the "lilla" example on Forvo, I can convince myself that I hear a longish "l" now.

I also listened to "lila" on Forvo, and I find it even more helpful to listen for the long vowel before the short "l"., since the long "i" is very distinctive in that it gets compressed into a "j" sound at the end. This is brought out clearly in a pronunciation of "den lilla lila lådan".

By the way, Arnauti, Forvo has only one pronunciation each of the singles words "lilla" and "lila". What about adding yours to their database?


It sounds very clear to me and I'd never mishear it for lila.


Thank you so much for your help.


Where can I find pronunciations of long vs short vowel sounds. Also, I have no idea what long and short "l" sounds are. Is there somewhere this is discussed?


When is it lilla, and when liten? And are those also the same as små?


How do you know if one has to use "lilla" or "lille" as definitive form?


I understand why we need the 'den', but I am lost as to how choose whether to put 'de/den/det'


If the noun is an en noun, you use "Den".

Ett noun, "Det".

Plural, "De".


but why could we not just say "lila boken är min"?


That's just how Swedish grammar is. A few adjectives like "Hela" usually don't use the "Den/Det/De", but for the most part, it would sound odd if you just left it off.


Why does boken get used instead of bok here for book


It's definite form


Because it's The Book


Why do we have "Den lille pojken" but "Den lilla boken är min"? They are both 'en' words and use definitive nouns, so why is lille used and why js lilla used


"lille" is the definitive masculine singular. I think it's a special form for this adjective, don't know if there are other cases.


Why is it lilla and not små? I understand that små is plural but usually we use plural for definites.


"Liten" has irregular forms that distinguish between definite singular and definite plural. See the end of the Tips and notes at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Adjectives-1.


Is it correct to say 'this little book' instead of 'the little book'?


No, that would be den här lilla boken in Swedish. Or denna lilla bok, either way works.


Does it also mean little?


So, I get that 'boken' is the definite of 'bok,' but the use of the additional defining (?) 'det' makes it redundant. I will, of course, accept that this is just how Swedish is, but is there a reason? It would help me understand to know why it needs to be redundant.


Why not "den liten boken är min"?


Because it is the definite form of the noun (the book), so you have to use the definite form of the adjective.


how do you tell the difference between lila (purple) and lilla (small) when listening to Swedish? is it just context, or is there a slightly different pronunciation?


There is a difference. Lila has a long I-sound, lilla has a short one.


since the sentence was spoken, it could have been "the purple book....." or "the small book..." either would sound the same to me - or is there a slight differentiation of pronunciation? thanks

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