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Duo Break Time: call for testers


Do your kids or students use duolingo on Google Chrome or a Chromebook?

If so you can help me test my Chrome extension which allows parents, teachers, or mentors in general to reward Duolingo activity with access to game sites, or YouTube, or whatever the student is interested.

The extension is here:


So far it's only open to those who have the URL, but I'll release it for the world once I'm satisfied that it works for most people.



March 28, 2015



I would like to be a tester. I use Duolingo on Googlel chrome. We teach Spanish online to public schools in MN and MT



But first, are the students also using Chrome or Chomebooks?


The original post announcing the project is here:



"allows parents, teachers, or mentors in general to reward Duolingo activity" This app appears really good as a self motivator, so maybe you should market it a reward program for students (etc) and also as a way to allow people to reward themselves for Duolingo. When Esperanto is released, I'm going to see myself using this app a lot.


Here are a few small things:

It lets me put in www.duolingo.com as a blacklisted site, which causes a redirect loop. Probably just want to not allow the user to put in this URL at all.

It's not clear that I have to restart my browser for changes to take effect. I had to close all chrome windows and restart it before I was able to access youtube.com again after removing it from the list of disallowed sites.

When deleting sites, if I check multiple boxes, and then click Delete, they only seem to delete one at a time.


Thanks for the report, spangineer! I'll stop the user from adding duo.

For the other problems may I ask which come version you're running? Otherwise those are regressions :0


41.0.2272.101 m. I'll play around with it more and see if these reappear.


I found it! It was a scope-related bug, and I believe it's fixed now. I'm going to spend a bit of time looking for regressions and upload a new version.

I fixed the other two problems as well.

Thanks again!


I've pushed version 0.9.4 to the chrome store. It should fix all three issues.



Two more things: - You should be able to choose the amount of lingots it costs to get 15 minutes. If the person has over a hundred lingots (which is easy if you're good at immersion) then 1 lingot isn't a whole lot. - (sorry if this sounds confusing) but as soon as you buy the 15 minutes, it uses it up even when you're not visiting the site. It would be a lot better to buy 15 minutes, but only have it used up when the person's on the site (I see this with a lot of other productivity site blockers).


I think it sometimes doesn't give me enough time. Sometimes it seems like I only get two or three minutes, instead of 15.

Otherwise it works perfectly.

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