"Kadın tuz yer."

Translation:The woman eats salt.

March 28, 2015

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If I wrote "Kadin tuzu yer" would that mean: "The woman eats THE salt"? I'm rather confused about this rule.


Why the before woman


"Woman" is a countable noun, so you can only use it with an article, a plural, or both. Because the Turkish subject is (assumed to be) definite (and is singular), your only option is "the woman."


Ughhh I won't the women eats salt. But it still shows incorrect.


Woman is the correct answer.. not women


Why do you add the.before woman. We know the doesn't exist in Turkish

[deactivated user]

    If the subject is at the beginning of a sentence it is definite (the) unless its specifically turned nonspecific. This is about how English works more than how Turkish works.


    Hello there. I just have a question about the pronunciation. For example, I notice that yer sounds like "yersh" when the lady says it. Other times it is said as "yer". Kindly confirm?

    [deactivated user]

      Its a phenomenon that happens with R sound at the end of the words. It produces a sh sound that doesn't actually exist in Turkish. Native speakers don't even hear it. Just ignore that and try to pronounce R sound separately. When you start speaking fast it will come out by itself. After all human mouth is not perfect like a electronic speaker.


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