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"Jag tycker om både ljust och mörkt öl."

Translation:I like both light and dark beer.

March 28, 2015



Sorry but since öl is a -n word why is it "ljust och morkt"? Am I missing something?


It can actually be either, depending on what you mean. ett öl is for when you're talking about a specific beer, and en öl is for when you're talking about an amount such as "a beer".


Ok thanks :)


is this specifically for the word öl or does this apply for every noun in Swedish?


It only works for a few words, öl being one of them. Another is vin. I think there are a few more but I can't come up with any at the moment. :)


I'm a Swedish native and I've quite literally only heard "ölet" when I've spoken to friends about whether or not it is proper Swedish to say it. If I was talking about beer as in "that beer" i'd say "den (där) ölen" and if I was talking about a brand of bear of a kind of bear I wouldn't say "det ölet" (even if that is proper Swedish, you basically never hear it), I'd still say "den ölen". "Den ölsorten" (that kind of bear) would be fine too.


I think "ale" as "beer " should be accepted here


An ale is just one type of beer, though - and one which we call ale in Swedish as well, with the English pronunciation.


Can "ale" be used interchangeably with "beer" when translating - öl?


or are there different words for "lager" and "ale" and öl is just "beer"?


It's actually pretty much like in English - you can use öl for any beer, or you could specify a lager or an ale - we even use the same words. :)

lager uses standard Swedish pronunciation, ale uses English pronunciation.


I used bright for 'ljust' It didn't work


"bright beer" is a very specific term and does not simply mean light or pale in the context of beer.


A more correct way of saying it is ''mörk öl'' without the T at the end


It's not more correct. Please see other comments in this thread.


Ale not acceptable? Perfectly good English word for beer and a cognate of øl.


Ale is a kind of beer, also called ale in Swedish (we even retain the English pronunciation). So it's not synonymous.

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