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English->French: Checkboxes don't contain the correct answer.

I just tried the English to French lesson about basic phrases and food. Frequently, I got multiple-choise questions in which the right answer was missing.

In one of them I had to choose between "Bonjour!" and "Bonsoir!", but there was no question. It can be found here

In another I had to give the right translation for "a beer" and the checkboxes only let one choose between "Le", "La" and "L'". After choosing "la" and typing "bière", it told me that I should have used the indefinite article and there was also a question in which it prompted me for le, la and l' and then told me I should have used "de la". These questions didn't have a "Discuss sentence button", so I'm not able to link to those".

Please fix.

March 28, 2015


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