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  5. "Ólann an cat bainne."

"Ólann an cat bainne."

Translation:The cat drinks milk.

March 28, 2015



This is such a cute sentence! :-)


Hey Duo! Milk is bad for cats!


Since when? If it's low fat milk bought in a store it may be hard for them to digest it, but natural/organic milk isn't bad for cats, if you don't feed them only that of course


Cats are actually lactose intolerant after a certain age so if you keep giving milk you have to get a special cat milk with no lactose and it also has a very important vitamin


Well you better keep away from it's litter box then. :|


bainne is pronounced bagne ? Like "gn" in french or "nh" in portuguese ?


I learned Munster Irish, and that's how we said it at school, yes. I believe Duolingo uses Connaught/Connemara/Western dialect, and that's what she says on the recording. Northern/Donegal Irish might be different though. It was the dialect I found hardest at school.


That is what I wrote----are you penalising me for leaving out the full stop?!

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