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  5. "Ólann an cat bainne."

"Ólann an cat bainne."

Translation:The cat drinks milk.

March 28, 2015



This is such a cute sentence! :-)


Hey Duo! Milk is bad for cats!


Since when? If it's low fat milk bought in a store it may be hard for them to digest it, but natural/organic milk isn't bad for cats, if you don't feed them only that of course


Cats are actually lactose intolerant after a certain age so if you keep giving milk you have to get a special cat milk with no lactose and it also has a very important vitamin


Well you better keep away from it's litter box then. :|


bainne is pronounced bagne ? Like "gn" in french or "nh" in portuguese ?


I learned Munster Irish, and that's how we said it at school, yes. I believe Duolingo uses Connaught/Connemara/Western dialect, and that's what she says on the recording. Northern/Donegal Irish might be different though. It was the dialect I found hardest at school.


Ulster isn’t hard (coming from an Ulster boy)! Lol! I’ll keep it brief and try not to rant on and on and... I’m already failing! Lol! If you want to be technical about it and speak Irish with traditional phonetics, the word should be pronounced BWAHN-nyuh. I’ll explain... the “b” is broad because of the “a,” and the double “n’s” are slender because of the i and e, respectively. In traditional Irish and many parts of Ulster still, broad consonants have a w-offglide that follows them while slender consonants have a y-glide that follows them. I would love for Duo and other courses to teach Irish phonetics! It’s such a critical piece to preserving our language and heritage.


This wont accept my answer


The cat drinks milk and the vomits on the parlor carpet

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