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"Hun er kvinden vi alle har respekt for."

Translation:She is the woman whom we all have respect for.

March 28, 2015



"She is the woman for whom we all have respect", was marked incorrect when obviously it's fine, and, if anything, better English than DL's more colloquial translation.

Nordic languages put prepositions at the end of sentences much more readily than we do in English, in which language it's often a hot debate as to whether it's acceptable to do it at all - personally I'm a rather liberal descriptivist and would say it's fine (although I personally tend to avoid the practice in my own speech and writing), but plenty would argue against it.

Have reported so hopefully it'll be added as an alternate answer soon.


Should be fixed now. Thanks! :)


If I were to have whom in the sentence, then I would have the for before the whom. But my natural speech is to not use whom and have the for at the end.


The word 'got' is not necessary in UK English and is not in the literal translation. I cannot understand why Duolingo gives it as the 'correct' answer and does not accept it without.


To clear it up, I think you'll need to mention what you actually wrote. "Got" doesn't appear in the top-choice translation, as can be seen at the top of this page.


Yes, I noticed that after I commented. I wrote "she is the woman we all have respect for". (Not ideal English, but a verbatim translation). Duolingo marked it as wrong, and showed in the marking box the correct answer, which was " she is the woman we all have got respect for". But yes on the discussion page the model answer is different. Bit confusing all round really!


Yes, if you clicked "My answer should have been accepted", I'm sure it'll be added when a course moderator gets to it :)


We learned in Nebraska.thet...A preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with. I never forgot the misplaced with Danske does it all the time!!! Hmmmm

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