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  5. "Ze loopt naast haar vrouw."

"Ze loopt naast haar vrouw."

Translation:She is walking beside her wife.

March 28, 2015



Love that this sentence exists! Good job Duolingo and team Dutch!




Wow. I am part of the LGBT community and I feel delighted seeing this sentence! I thought I had misunderstood this at first.


I am from the LGBT community too, and this sentence shows how far society has come.


Now we know why her husband is in Belgium...


It would have been awesome if those persons had been given actual names, as in the Czech course; it would then be easier to track the stories of cheating wives and the likes as they unwind once you get further in the course. :D


LGBT+ awareness for the win!!!


Can't you say "she walks next to her woman"?


man/vrouw in combination with a possessive mijn/haar/zijn etc. always refers to someone's husband/wife.

She walks next to her woman may mean that the woman is her wife, but it may also be her girlfriend etc.. Hence it does not mean the same.


But from a more contemporary perspective, which rejects the possessive nature of intimate relationships, it could well be translated as, "She walks next to her woman".

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1) If you use the phrase "her woman", it carries the meaning that she owns a woman, which isn't what this sentence is about. 2) What do you mean by rejecting the possessive nature of intimate relationships? How else would you signify whose relationship it is without a possessive pronoun like "her"?


But what if this were about a horse or a dog? In English we would say that a dog walks beside its owner/man/woman.


I've never heard an animal's owner referred to as that animal's woman or man.


Haven't you read "The Horse And His Boy" by C.S. Lewis?


But that's... That's Literature...


Perhaps in that situation you may say that in English, but in Dutch you would specify it's the owner and not use man/vrouw.


Hij loopt naast zijn man. Ik loop naast mijn man.


This sentence made my day ! Thank you Duolingo !


I was so confused by this. Not because I'm homophobic or the thought of two married women is foreign to me, but because I wasn't expecting an established institution, such as Duolingo to take such a liberal stance. This shows just how far we have come. Hopefully next time, I won't be surprised and it'll just be as normal as "Ze loopt naast haar man"

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Glad you think that way! There are a good number of queer exercises in this course.


This sentence makes me so incredibly happy. Love wins. ❤


She walks near her wife. Is this incorrect?


No. It's correct. Same sex marriage is legal in the Netherlands


No, it's incorrect because 'naast' does not mean 'near'. It means 'beside' or 'next to'.


I don't see the difference, can someone explain (if you are next to, you are near, right? And the opposite works too)


You are also near when you are behind or in front of someone... near - shows distance Next to- shows position


How do you know when to use "Ze" Or "Zij"? And when do you know if it means "They" or "She"?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


to make a difference between They and She is very easy. Just look at the verb : Zij loopt = she walks Zij lopen = they walk


ohhh makes much more sense now! I will keep an eye on the verb. I was just guessing all this time haha




love this one <3


Kudos for the sentence


Why isn't it she walks ? How can i know the difference between walking and walks?


The best thing that you can do is to look to the verb and check if it is usable with ''is...-ing'' in English. There's no other way that I know so far. And the difference also doesn't matter that much :))


Most of the time they're interchangeable, but if it doesn't make sense in English then it usually means you use the other one. For example with "she walks" and "she is walking" either can be used, but when answering the question "what is she doing?" it would make more sense to reply "she is walking"


duolingo's LGBT sentences always warm my heart <3


walks in English = is walking, this should be accepted

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Is walking is accepted, you must have gotten something else wrong.


Happy Pride!!!


Imagine bieng a gross gay


should i report it?, think is wrong , ze loopt naast haar echtegenoot, would be right, isn't?

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Not necessarily! In this sentence, the woman is walking beside her (also female) spouse.


If echegenoot is a synonym for wife then sure


I also thought that the term 'wife' is related to husband-wife as in man-woman; and in the same sex setting it would be "partner/spouse" which is kind of 'sexless/genderless' ....?

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Nope! For men or women, husband/wife is used not depending on the orientation of the other person. Partner/spouse is usually used for nonbinary people, etc.


Animals or just agenda?


God´s creation = man and woman ! But I would never damn people who has other feelings. Feelings can be changed, so was the experience of a good friend of us. May God bless you all. Jesus loves you!


If feelings can be changed, try being gay for a day. God won't mind. Just try it and get back to me.


How come it says " she walks next to her wife " I thought that only a he could have a wife


Same-sex marriage is legal in the Netherlands.


Um...OK?? ( what does that mean?)


That means that men can be married to men and women can be married to women, if they want.



To all the downvoters: Did you ever think of the possibility that someone just wasn't as lucky as you and got born in a country or region, where they are never taught or told that same-sex-partnerships or -marriages are a thing at all? This guy looks like someone to me and I find it very inappropriate and unkind to crash-downvote them like it happened here.

I hope you feel much better now that you've beaten the duck out of them with your downvotes.

Just to make it clear: I'm not trying to defend intolerance against same-sex-marriage or LGBT in general, but rather try to explain to you why you shouldn't hate everyone not knowing of it or not understanding it by default, because they may have had no other choice but be taught only the intolerant way. I personally was lucky enough to having been born in Germany so I know about LGBT and can tolerate it without getting death threats.

That said, thanks to Simius by just giving good neutral answers.


I see your point but nobody called him names or berated him. Being downvoted is not as harsh as you make it seem. Happens a lot for simply stating a word use that's widely disagreed with. It's a rather light retaliation for ignorance in a pretty serious issue. People are still arrested and beaten for their sexuality. Ignorance doesn't always constitute innocense.

If this person doesn't know they should educate themselves or at at least clarify that they have no frame of reference on the subject in the future.

If they are a biggot, then these downvotes are not strong enough.


You seem to think this person is stupid. They have access to duolingo, I guess they have an internet connexion and a smartphone then. In 2017 we can't pretend that we don't know what homosexuality is.


Since when a downvote is "hating someone"?? desagrrement is not hate. If someone does not understand the concept, there's an opportunity to learn or, at least, inform themselves about other ways/countries/lifes. I'm Hetero and the sentence makes sense to me, and even if it didn't, there are others, like ducks talking a..s.o that make you translate because you know the words and not by the sense it makes or not. (soory my native language is not english)


I think when soneone has access to the internet, ignorance is unjustifiable. I was born in a third world country too but I know everything about LGBT and I try to aware people as much as I can. And if someone is that ignorant and has no idea what is going on around them, why are they even learning dutch? Isn't the culture of a country a part of their language and vice versa? For me it's not acceptable at all.


I see where you are coming from but I disagree on two points. Firstly, I don't think a downvote is rude, if they commented "I thought only a white person could marry a white person", we wouldn't accept it. No one is name-calling here. Secondly, I do question the level of ignorance here - does someone with the internet really not know that same sex marriage is legal in some places?


Lmao first internet arguement I have seen on Duolingo, what an accomplishment!


I can tell you, there has been an even more heated argument under a sentence in the Polish course, about a woman who would not make her husband a sandwich. An arch Conservative/Reactionary would argue that the wife had to obey her husband at any time, with a lot of opposition against him. The situation escalated quickly. :D

Yes it did!

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