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Strengthening lessons not being recognized

For the past couple weeks, almost every time I try to strengthen a lesson, I finish the lesson and it doesn't recognize it and increase my bars. Often times, I have to do the lesson two, or even three times before it will raise my bars by just one bar. Granted, more practice doesn't hurt, but It's still quite frustrating when I just finished a lesson and it didn't raise the bar. Is this a bug/common problem?

March 28, 2015



I'm having the same problem with the Irish course. Over the last two to three weeks, I had to strengthen the "plurals" skill, though only the words eilifintí, lucha, cait and lachain occur.

Since two days ago, it stays at 3 or 4 bars out of 4 or 5 respectively (mobile or web). For me, the XP are registered but the strengthening is not, even though I mostly pass the lesson with full hearts or a maximum of 20 exercises and never clicked/hovered for a hint.

It's quite frustrating, because I know these words and it gets boring translating only a few recurring sentences.


It happened to me, but it's because I made too many errors (wrong answers) when I attempted to strengthen the lesson. From what I could tell (and I could be wrong), if you don't receive the full 10 xp for the lesson, it doesn't strengthen that skill for you.


I thought that may be the case (as I had bombed a few lessons), but then I got nearly a perfect score on one, but it still didn't strengthen my bars. :-(


I was having this problem in French a few days ago but it seems to be fixed now. A couple times I increased the bars by re-taking the last lesson in the skill and then taking the "strengthen skill" lesson itself, as another poster suggested on a different thread.


I'm having this problem right now with the Irish course. I've already finished the tree, but I like to keep everything gold. It's torturing me that no matter how many times I complete "Plurals", it refuses to strengthen. Tonight I've done the lesson 5 times in a row (perfect score every time)! Doesn't seem to make a difference if it's through the app or through web. It just will not strengthen.

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