Translation:The jobs

March 28, 2015

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How is this plural?

  • ett jobb = one job
  • flera jobb = multiple jobs
  • jobbet = the job
  • jobben = the jobs


I wrote 'the jobs' it told me the right solution would have been 'the works' haha


Uhm... that's Duolingo acting up, then. What you wrote is clearly the best translation.


Same for me. The only time I ever use "the works" is when I'm ordering pizza or a sub sandwich.


Why is it not "jobbarn" or "jobbaren"? I guess this is another example of an exception that we have to memorize.


The ending -are is typically used to denote people doing something. ett arbete 'a work' but en arbetare 'a worker'.
ett gender nouns ending in a consonant typically work like ett jobb:
ett jobb, jobbet plural jobb, jobben
It's the same as ett hus, huset - hus, husen so this word is totally regular. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Plurals


Sorry for the stupid question, but is there something like a paradigm with these nouns? I came to think so since this scheme reminded me slightly of the “barn” (child). I think it behaved similar in terms of declination. Unfortunately, the link you added seems to be dead—as I clicked on it, it redirected me to the main site, to the Swedish tree.

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