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  5. "Dat is het bord."

"Dat is het bord."

Translation:That is the plate.

March 28, 2015



This confuses me since "bord" means table in danish....


Me too! I keep thinking its swedish


When she speaks, is she speaking like a native and running over words, or, is there something wrong with the audio. I didn't catch "het" on normal speed. Only when I slowed it way down.


In general Dutch people tend to shorten "het" to "ut/'t" when saying "het" similar to the voice on normal speed. It is probably hard to catch it when you are not used to it, but it's best to get used to it if you ever intend to speak Dutch with native speakers.


That makes sense. I'm planning on going to Youtube to try and listen to native speakers. I think the computer makes it even harder to hear the subtleties


She says het like a native, many words she doesn't speak like a native though. Nothing major just things that make it odd, usully not wrong (like she buzzes and lisps a lot (a lot of zzzzzzz and vvvvv) and says de as the)

If you can watch TV channels. YouTube hm educational videos yes but let's say the average grammar and language skills of people using YouTube isn't quite high...


In English, a plate can also mean a large sheet of some hard material, like an armor plate, for instance. Is this the same in Dutch, or it bord restricted to just the things you eat food on?

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