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"Doktorların yüzde altmışı erkek."

Translation:Sixty percent of the doctors are male.

March 28, 2015



Two questions: Could someone clarify the word order here?

Why the -ın on Doktor?


Adding to what eftalgezer said:

Basically when you have a "the X of the Y" construction, you're going to have to say: "Y-[n]-in X-[s]-i"

The letters in brackets will be necessary in case Y or X end in a vowel.

So for this example: 60 % of the doctors

→ (doctors)-[n]-in (60 %) -[s]-i

(doktorlar)-[n]-in (yüzde altmış)-[s]-i

Neither 'doktorlar' nor 'yüzde altmış' ends in a vowel, so the letters in the brackets are unnecessary. After applying the vowel harmony, you get: Doktorların yüzde altmışı.


So "the woman's book" is "kadının kitabı"? And "the cat's apple" is "kedinin elması"? But even nonpossessive in wording but sort of possessive in meaning, like "the price of gold" (i.e., the gold's price) would be "altın fiyatı"?


Exactly. You didn't add genitive to "altın" (gold), which makes it indefinite: the price of "gold (in general)". In that case, it's translatable as "The gold price", - 'the' referring to 'price'.

If you wanted to say "the price of THE gold (that I have here)", you would have to add "-ın" to "altın" → Altının fiyatı


This is so clear and fantastic. It is going to help me with this exercise and the locative which I'm struggling with!


-ın means "of (the)" here. See "Possessive constructions".

"Doktor" is "tamlayan", "yüzde altmış" is "tamlanan" for this sentence. "Tamlayan" tells what "tamlanan" belongs to.


Final addition: There is many types of constructions. My and Ektoraskan's explainations for "definitive construction".


It looks like yüzde = hundred + locative ("in a hundred").


Can it be written ''Doktorların altımşı yüzde erkek''?


no that makes no sense


I wrote "Sixty percent are male doctors" which I suppose got marked wrong because it's missing the possessive aspect.

Also, could someone explain the word order here for me? My English brain seems to be swimming upstream on this one.


I wrote "Sixty out of one hundred doctors are male", and my answer was rejected as it should read "sixty %". Why is "out of one hundred" incorrect for "yüzde"? (And, yes, Ruth and AlexinNotTurkey, the proposed correct answer contained an underlined "the" doctors indicating (to me) that DL considers omission of "the" an error.)


Why must we translate this with "the"? Why is it not a general statement about all doctors?


You don't have to and we accept it without. :)


Actually, you don't. Trust me on this. :(


I am a course contributor and can see all of the accepted translations. We most certainly do :) You may have had a mistake somewhere else in your sentence :)


I don't want to argue with you, but when I translated it that way, I got a note above my typed words telling me that "the" had to be used.

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