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  5. "Saray çok soğuk."

"Saray çok soğuk."

Translation:The palace is very cold.

March 29, 2015



Is the "k" in "soğuk" not being pronounced?


This is a problem with the Turkish TTS voice for a lot of the words ending in vowel + k and apparently can't be easily fixed.


no it is pronounced.


'Soğuk' is the same as 'sejuk' in Malay...means 'cold'


Is the 'j' pronounced as 'y' in you?


Nope..it's the same with 'j' in 'jar' or 'jail'...


Thank you for additional information.


No, actually "j" in Turkish is like "g" in collage or "j" in Jacques in French or the maghrebian ج , the persian ژ , slovene ž or russian ж.. english j of "jar" is "c" in turkish


He/She/It is asking about Malay pronunciation of "j", not Turkish.


The most funny word I've ever found in Turkish is 'kutu' which means 'box' in Turkish. But in Malay it means 'louse'. Haha. One more is 'masa' which is 'table' in Turkish. In Malay it means 'time' or equivalent with 'zaman' in Turkish (but in Malay 'zaman' has different meaning which is same as Arabic, its origin).

Edit: I just remembered, for your information, the 'e' in 'sejuk' is pronounced like 'ı' in Turkish which makes it read as 'sıcuk'. But sometimes it can also be pronounced as 'e' (depend on the word). I hope you are pleased with this and helps you. :)


Thank you very much.


Would 'It is very cold in the palace' be acceptable? If not, what would the the right translation? 'Sarayda çok soğuk'?


I think we can add it. No "sarayda çok soğuk" doesn't make sense, as you don't say what the cold thing is :) (we don't use "it" /o for weather). You can say "Sarayda hava çok soğuk"


What about "castle" as a translation for saray? Cheers


'Castle' would be 'kale'.


Now it is another question dear lucaturilli! What is the difference between castle and palace or kale and palace maybe one is bigger or what!


I suppose castle is primarily about fortification and palace just about being big and luxury. In English there is the same distinction actually, although the word castle is sometimes used in not so strict sense (Wiki: "Although "castle" has not become a generic term for a manor house (like château in French and Schloss in German), many manor houses contain "castle" in their name while having few if any of the architectural characteristics, usually as their owners liked to maintain a link to the past").

[deactivated user]

    Question: In Turkish is calling a place cold only realted to the temperature? Like in English one could say a place/person is cold meaning that he/she/it is unfriendly or not welcoming... could someone take this statement to mean that?


    I have never heard "cold" used in that respect to places in either language, but it is most definitely used on people like this in Turkish :)

    [deactivated user]

      okay thanks :)


      Saray word is also used in urdu for "Resting Place", facility or location that are built for passangers facilitation and rest beside roads (in past,its not common now a days)


      Yes, I am curious about that too--is there a relationship between "saray' and "karavanserei"?


      Caravanserai would be 'kervansaray'. And yes it literally means 'caravan palace'.


      cevapta cümlenin başında "A" niye olmak zorunda?


      Another figurative speech?


      I said 'the castle' in stead of 'the palace' and it was reckoned wrong. English is not my mother tongue, what is the difference between a castle and a palace?


      This is my question too .


      angel, i see you are learning French; it is the difference between "un château" et "un palais"? For example: le château de Versailles et le Palais des Papes à Avignon?


      Topkapı palace is very cold indeed :)

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