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  5. "Benim yedi tane kuşum var."

"Benim yedi tane kuşum var."

Translation:I have seven birds.

March 29, 2015



What is the function of tane?


Tane is used when you count it.


Quantity. Use for counting physical objects. Beş tane elma


Do I say tane if what I'm counting is unit-less?

I have 5 men = "Benim beş tane adam var."



Tane is optional.

Benim 5 adamım var. = Benim 5 tane adamım var.

Benim 7 kuşum var. = Benim 7 tane kuşum var.


"Tane" implies that you count something.


Interestingly, in English we say "I have this many" but never "<number> many". We could just as well say "I have 5 many" (or however many we have). We just don't. Turkish is very interesting.


If i dont write tane, what happen?


"tane" is optional here. It provides some sort of a precision and emphasis. It implies that something has been counted already. For larger numbers like 100 or 1000 if you say, "Benim yüz kuşum var". I will (as a native ear) assume that that may not be an exact number, it is maybe something around that. Or even you are exaggerating or speaking off the top of your head. In that case, "tane" really helps. "Benim yüz tane kuşum var" may imply that you are serious about the quantity.

There are some places in which "tane" may be substituted with the item itself.

A: Benim üç kuşum var. B: Benim beş tane (var).

It is used for the questions: Such as "Kaç tane?"= "How many" etc.

I hope that helps...

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