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  5. "Bir çift kuş"

"Bir çift kuş"

Translation:A pair of birds

March 29, 2015



So, how do you wear a pair of birds?


Think of accessories, so I would say: Ben bir çift kuş takarım.



...makes the same amount of sence as a pair of birds in relation to clothing, the farm bird might protect the cotton!


Farm = Çiftlik :-)


I wish I had bir çift kuş


Can çift be used as "couple" like "I have a couple of minutes left," or must it be strictly used in the sense of a pair?


" a couple of" means "a few", so in Turkish that's "birkaç"


Google said it would be birkaç, but seeing as how you can't always trust Google, thank you for confirming that it was correct. :D


Yes, I've had my answer with "couple" accepted :D


That's not exactly what I mean - I've had that answer accepted as well. ;)

What I mean is does "couple" mean a pair, two objects? Or can it be just like "I have a couple of minutes left" or "Oh, I should only be gone for a couple of hours." Do you get what I mean now?


Excepted = excluded

Accepted = accepted

This is the weirdest çift of English homophones that I've seen O_o


Ha ha ha! What an awesome comment this was. XD


They sound very close, but they're not true homophones (the initial vowel is different). Plus, take comfort in the fact that "excepted" is not a very common word :-)


Nope. "Çift" really means "a pair". You cannot say "bir çift saat" or the like. Actually if you were to say "bir çift saat", I would think you're talking about a pair of watches, as "saat" can also mean that. In short, don't use "çift" to mean a couple. :)


Okay! That's what I figured it was, thank you for confirming! :D


Kus here not plural even when say a couple of birds or bir çift kuş???


Turkish nouns don't use a plural suffix when there is already a word that tells us there is more than one. Ex. iki kuş = two birds; birçok kuş = many birds :-)


in this example is bir çift kuş referring to accessories, another name for something, or is this just another comical sentence? :) (eg hayvanlar şarap içer) i know birds are prevalent to the linguistic culture


This is absolutely useless gibberish, and unnecessarily confusing in relation clothing and accessories. Turks don't even describe 2 socks, 2 shoes or 2 earrings as pairs, they just pluralise the words. Trousers and (under)Pants are plural in English, but Turks just use the singular for these.

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