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  5. "Hur kändes det?"

"Hur kändes det?"

Translation:How did it feel?

March 29, 2015



and so again... kändes vs kände for feeling? and the difference between using them as :to know: vs :to feel: ? sorry to make you repeat yourselves


It's kände when you're actively talking about the person doing the feeling, so e.g. jag kände [something].

But it's kändes when you're talking about the object that is being felt, so e.g. soffan kändes mjuk ("the sofa felt soft") - it means that it felt soft to somebody, but you're talking about the sofa rather than that person.

Note that there is as well a third variant with a reflexive pronoun, which is also for when you're actively talking about the person doing the feeling, and they're feeling something about or within themselves. For example: jag kände mig hungrig ("I felt hungry"). I see that you're also doing Spanish Duolingo, perhaps you've seen the same thing there, e.g. "me siento".


oh that was nice to read - simple and clear. I was ok with the reflexive part (thanks, as you pointed out to Spanish) but the first 2 paragraphs was where I was really confused. And now...Am I wrong in my understanding that känna also means to know like conocer and not saber? And if it is, any guidelines on that?


Glad to hear it helped!

You're right, it's used both for knowing somebody and for feeling something - and also for knowing about something ("känna till", where the "till" particle cannot be left out). I can't think of any grammatical rule to distinguish them, but the choice is usually fairly easy to derive contextually.

[deactivated user]

    Is there some example where I can say "Jag kändes (something)..." or it's only used for the objects? Tack


    Well, since things and people can kännas to you, it stands to reason that you can kännas to other people. So sure - it's not common, but it's absolutely grammatically feasible.


    What is the present of "kändes"?


    känner / känns in the active / passive. The deponent also uses känns.


    Why "how felt it" is wrong ?


    That's not grammatical English.


    What's wrong about "how felt it?"


    That's ungrammatical in English. You need "did" for most verbs.

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