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Lost lingot wager?

I don't understand how I lost my wager to maintain a 7 day streak when I was well into 4 days and have not missed a day!?

"•If you are trying to extend your streak using Immersion, make sure you get 1 full point. Depending on what Tier you are on, you might only be getting 1/8 a point per sentence translated." •To extend your streak, you must gain at least one point before midnight. If you are working on a lesson, it must be finished before midnight to count, and you must be connected to the internet."

I have 10 points for today, 33 for yesterday, 153 for the day before, 50, and 26 before that.

What did I miss?

March 29, 2015



For continuation of streak, you need to meet your daily goal. If your daily goal is 10 or less, there maybe a problem. If it's above, now you know the reason.


Using the Duolingo.com/users method, I found out he has a daily goal over 30XP. That's probably why.


What is your daily goal set to? To find out, go here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/coach. As remoonline has said, you need to meet that for a day to count towards a streak.


Thank you all. You are absolutely right, I had my goal set to 50XP. I thought that having any points would be fine, now I know better. Thanks!

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