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"Jag skickar en bok till min mamma."

Translation:I am sending a book to my mother.

March 29, 2015



I send my mother a book - seems a fine translation, but Duolingo does not like it. The function of "till min mamma" is dativus, just as "my mother" in my sentence. There is, it seems to me, no difference in meaning.


Semantically, I agree, but that would be "Jag skickar till min mamma en bok," no?


We're keeping the order of book and mother in the sentence in translation. Furthermore, saying "jag ger till min mamma en bok" just sounds unnatural.


So here is the word order differnet from German. In German we would say "ich gebe meiner Mutter das Buch" I give my mother the book and vice verca "Ich gebe das Buch meiner Mutter" is also possible, but from my sence it is not so commen used. We would also turn the sentence above: "Ich schicke meiner Mutter ein Buch" "I send my mother a book". Is there a role which part goes first?


No, not really. Honestly, both "jag ger min mamma en bok" and "jag ger en bok till min mamma" work. But it sounds unnatural.to include the "till" if the indirect object goes first.


Why is "I send a book to my mummy" not accepted when "I send a book to my mum" is?


can "skickar" also mean "give a gift to", or is my German getting in the way? :)


It's possible, at least if the gift is actually being sent, not just handed over. (So basically like in German.)

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