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  5. "He is a Spanish boy."

"He is a Spanish boy."

Translation:Is buachaill Spáinneach é.

March 29, 2015



Can this read "Is e buachaill Spainneach"

[deactivated user]


    Why would it be incorrect to say "Tá sé buachaill Spáinneach é?


    It would be incorrect because that's not a grammatically valid sentence in Irish.

    The TSF error is one of the most basic errors that learners make in Irish. Learners try to say "tá sé fear" , but a sentence of the form

    (pro)noun == noun

    is a copula, and you don't use the verb to say that in Irish, you use the copula is - is fear é.

    This sentence is a copula: he (pronoun) == Spanish boy (noun).
    Is buachaill Spáinneach é.

    (There are more advanced structures that use the verb with the preposition i and a possessive adjective for certain copular statements, but they don't apply in this case).

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