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Missing grammar explanations

Hi Duolingo!

First of all, thanks for this great site, which is very much appreciated!

Generally Duolingo works great and really speeds up language learning. However, as you have probably heard before it would be great with more grammar explanations. I know this isn't free because you have to have people sit and write these explanations but what about making a wiki-like approach to solve this problem by making everybody able to write grammar-explanations and then let other Duo-users validate the explanation by giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down? This would be free for you and help a lot of people, like me.

Anyone else agree?

Jacob from Denmark

September 4, 2013



Oh, and it would also be great if there were somewhere on the site (maybe in every lesson) where we could write personal notes, for example grammar explanations to ourselves.


In the meantime there's a lot of stuff available offsite. At the very least it would be helpful to have a list of useful reference sites.

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