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Why doesn't Swedish for English speakers have vocal exercises?

I tried turning on everything, it doesn't seem to be implemented. Am I wrong? Please let me know :)

March 29, 2015



Tonality is so important in Swedish, and it's phonetics can differ quite a bit from English. I think vocal recognition really needs to be a part of the course here.

I just tried it in Spanish and it's not that bad. Of course, there are 30M Spanish learners, so it's presumably had more time and attention for development. Swedish has just 376K learners.

Hey Duolingo—how can we help get Swedish vocal recognition up and running?


I agree. At the moment I am doing my best to repeat what is said on the audio, but I need feedback.

I assume that this is because it's a relatively new course. Would it be possible for the admins and/or developers to give us some idea of when vocal exercises will be available?


I would love this option too! For now, I will just talk to my monitor.


I don't have vocal excercises in Swedish too! :/


I think you should use 'either' instead of 'too'.


I have mixed feelings about vocal exercises. I like them in theory, but since the technology is completely useless in practise, I'm just as happy if they leave them out. In the Duolingo Italian course, for example, a sure way for me to get an exercise "correct" is to pronounce the word with my natural American accent. When I pronounce the word correctly, half of the time the answer is not accepted.


It's the course, not you :) I'm not sure why though.


Thanks for all the answers, my heart is at peace now! :)


I agree completely that this is a very important aspect in Swedish language - with multiple stresses per word and consonant groups being pronounced differently than in most other languages! Please, please add them to Sedish course!

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