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  5. "Sen elli dört yaşındasın."

"Sen elli dört yaşındasın."

Translation:You are fifty-four years old.

March 29, 2015



would "I am fifty-four" be "ben elli dört yaşımdayım ?" or "yaşındayım" ?


Back in the day, "yaşımdayım" was correct. Nowadays, we use "yaşında" for all persons.


Just to clarify, contemporary usage is "yaşındayım"


Elli dört yaşındayım Elli dördüncü yaşımdayım


Yaşındayım is true but yaşımdayım is false


can someone analyze yaşındasın for me please


I think it may be along the lines of "You have an age of..." Yasin = age. I have the same question as you, so if someone could clarify (in English, please), that would be terrific.


dencta, i analyze this sentence "sen" = "you" subject + "elli dört" as an adjective= "54" + "yasindasin" = "yas"+"i"(possessive suffix)+"n"(buffer between "i" and "da"+"da"(locative suffix= "at"+"sin"="are" as "the verb". "You are at your 62th age", different of "you are at your 62th's age". In https://turkishexplained.com/nouns.htm, they speak about compound nouns. Would "yetmis yasindasin" be a compound noun? What do you about that?


If I had to guess, I'd say it goes something like this: "elli dört yaş-ı-nda-sın" = "fifty four age-of-at-you_are" = "you are at the age of fifty four". I checked some Q&A pages where Turkish learners asked about the exact grammatical breakdown of the word "yaşında", but none of the native speakers that responded could agree, so this is just a theory that works for me.


Metrowest, i try again to explain. « Sen elli dört yaşındasın » = « you are/ at age/years old/ of 54 » « Sen............................... sın » = « you are............ » « elli dört » = « fifty four » « yaşında » = « at age/years of » = « yaş-ı-n-da »

« elli dört yaşi» is a compound noun= « age/years of 54» as in « araba kapası »= « car door » « elli dört » without suffix and « yas» at the possessive case « yas-ı ». We have to add « n » a buffer between « ı » and "da" to make it more fluid to pronounce. « da » locative suffix. I see you learn French, my native language. In French i'll say: "tu as 54 ans"="ton âge est de 54 ans" literaly translated in Türkish: "senin yaş-ı elli dört var". Is it more clear for you?


So, it literally translates into "You are in your fifty fourth year". right?


Note to course creators: I mistakenly typed 34 in my sentence instead of 54 and it was accepted as correct with a typo. I expect numbers written numerically should be exact?


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Hello Jen

Kind of spooky when Duo guesses my age.

I would say 25. Flattery will get me everywhere.

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"Sen elli dört yaşındasın." Translation: You are fifty-four years old.


"Ben elli dokuz yaşındayım." I am fifty nine years young, not old.


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